How to Know If You Need Orthopaedic Pillows

Obtaining healthy and restful sleep is essential so the body can reboot, recharge and repair itself after a long day. However, a lot of factors can hinder a person from getting a good night’s rest. Stress, extreme temperatures or even a lumpy mattress are just some of these. So if you’re wondering why you can’t sleep soundly despite being stress-free or having a good mattress, it could be because you’re using the wrong kind of pillow. If this is the case, it might be time to switch to an orthopaedic pillow. Here’s how to find out if you need one.


If you constantly wake up with a stiff neck, headache or shoulder pain, your pillow might be telling you something. Traditional pillows are usually rectangular and have different kinds of filling. Orthopaedic pillows, on the other hand, are made with a special filling and come in different shapes to provide better support in particular areas of the body. If you consistently suffer from a stiff neck, for instance, you’ll get better relief with a contour-shaped orthopaedic pillow. The contours can effectively comfort your head and neck to prevent stiffness.


There are orthopaedic pillows specially designed to help alleviate snoring. If you snore in your sleep or have a partner who does, a wedged-shaped pillow might be helpful. This pillow is designed so that the head is slightly elevated while the lower area provides support to the spine. The wedge shape also provides better breathing for the user. Aside from snoring, a wedge-shaped orthopaedic pillow can also help relieve acid reflux and heartburn.

Back Pain

Many back pain sufferers love orthopaedic pillows because they get pain relief without having to take pain medications. For instance, an orthopaedic pillow can be placed behind the lower back for additional support to help relieve back pain. Others also attest to better sleep when they place an orthopaedic pillow behind their hips.

Bad Posture

If you have bad posture, consider using an orthopaedic pillow in the shape of a roll or bolster. You can use it behind your neck to help align your spine as you sleep. It can also be used behind the back when you sit in your chair while working so that your back rests straight against the chair.

Weak Points

If you have weak points in your body, an orthopaedic pillow can help you sleep better. You can place one behind your knee to relieve sciatic or arthritic pain in the area. Orthopaedic pillows placed behind the knees are also known to relieve lower back pain.

There are many different kinds of orthopaedic pillows tailored to fit different needs. They can help with health issues where traditional pillows cannot. Orthopaedic pillows are your best option to naturally correct posture and spine alignment, giving your back the rest it needs. If you suffer from neck or back pain when sleeping, consider using an orthopaedic pillow first before taking pain medication.

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