How Microfibre Cleaning Cloths Work

Many people are wondering what the fuss is all about when it comes to microfibre cleaning cloths. I mean, did they really need to reinvent the wheel? A cleaning cloth is just the same as other cloths if it can clean surfaces, right?

Well, not really. Microfibre cleaning cloths are different from conventional cleaning cloths because microfibres can pick up even the tiniest speck of dirt which the latter will usually miss. Microfibres attract dirt like a magnet to make cleaning more efficient and fast.

Let’s use an analogy to best describe how a microfibre cleaning cloth works. Say you’re tasked to clean a big, dirty wall. Do you get a big cleaning brush or a toothbrush to do the job? Instinctively, you’ll opt for a big brush so you can clean more areas quickly. It’s going to take you forever to clean that wall with a small toothbrush! However, the results won’t be as great because the bristles of a toothbrush are more closely compacted and can clean better. It’s the same thing with microfibre cleaning cloths. The fibres are denser compared to conventional cleaning cloths, so it’s like providing the benefits of a big brush and toothbrush in one.

Put simply, microfibre cloths are small cleaning cloths that pack a big punch. Conventional cleaning cloths are made with big fibres such as cotton and nylon, so they won’t provide the same efficiency as microfibre cloth. It’s like cleaning the wall using a big brush again. But microfibres are smaller like the bristles of a toothbrush, but work faster and cover more surface area. This makes them more efficient than traditional cleaning rags.

To get the best results from a microfibre cloth, use as little water as possible when cleaning. If you’re new to this innovative cleaning tool, it’s also important to know that you should avoid using detergent since it will weaken the microfibre’s “attracting force”.

If you’re cleaning a window, for example, you can start by using a regular cleaning cloth to wash the window with soapy water. Then rinse the windows and use a squeegee to dry. When there is hardly any water left, use the microfibre cleaning cloth to wipe it down further. You’ll be surprised to see how it dries your window completely, leaving it smudge-free. You can also use microfibre cloth to clean kitchen counters and other surfaces. You can even use them in the bathroom and see how they magically dissolve those bothersome water spots.

Cleaning your soiled microfibre cleaning cloth is also very easy. Simply boil the cloth in hot water and then hang it out to dry. No need to use detergent or other harmful chemicals, making it healthier and safer to use.

Microfibre cleaning cloths are getting more popular because they make cleaning fast and efficient. They deliver more cleaning power because of their ability to pick up dirt and grime like a magnet. Microfibre cleaning cloths are also more durable and will outlast other types of cleaning cloths, making them a cost-effective addition to your cleaning arsenal.

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