What Tog Duvet to Use for Winter?

Did you know that we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping? Since we spend so much time in bed, it makes sense that certain investments should be made to ensure that we get a good night’s sleep. For many people, regulating temperature is very important especially if they live in countries where seasons […]

What is a Pillow Sham?

If you are an avid linen shopper, you’ve probably come across the term “pillow sham”. For those who are not interior decorators or home stagers, you may not be familiar with the word. However, pillow shams are pillows with false fronts. You see, the pillow sham originated in the 1700s. They were specially made pillowcases […]

What Does Wholesale Mean?

Wholesale is defined as buying goods in large quantities direct from manufacturers, distributors or warehouses. The wholesaler then resells these goods to other businesses. Because wholesalers buy goods in large quantities, they are able to acquire these at lower prices. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the adjective wholesale has been around since the 15th […]

Standard Pillow Size CM

Pillows are important because they give support to your back and neck. This is an important role because the human spine is naturally curved. Having this support means that your head, neck and spine are properly aligned. This helps to support proper posture and prevents headache, stiff neck, shoulder pain and backache in the morning. […]

Pillow Maintenance: How to Wash Pillows?

Many people change their sheets regularly. Blankets, pillowcases and bed sheets are normally changed once weekly by many households. However, not many people pay the same attention to their mattresses and pillows. Most do not know that pillows and mattresses need cleaning twice a year. They accumulate sweat, dirt, dust, oil particles and saliva over […]

How to Wash a Duvet in Your Washing Machine?

Duvets are sometimes neglected when it comes to washing bedding. Most of us remember to change our pillowcases, sheets and blankets once a week. However, duvets are usually forgotten because we think that just washing the duvet cover is sufficient. While covers protect the duvet from dirt, oils, sweat, saliva and other nasty things, they […]

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy can be very exciting but challenging at the same time. First, there’s the excitement and joy of bringing a new life into the world but then comes the nausea, after which mothers usually feel like all the sleep in the world is never enough. Just when everything starts to feel normal again, your bump […]

How to Put on a Duvet Cover?

You might have attempted to put on a duvet cover but ended up with lumps and bunched areas. For some people, putting on a duvet cover may be a struggle. How do you put it on without taking your time? How do you prevent lumps and bunches from happening? Is there a quick and easy […]

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