Who Can Benefit From Buying Wholesale Bedding?

Many businesses across different industries benefit greatly from buying wholesale bedding. Purchasing pillows, sheets and pillowcases in bulk not only saves them money; they also have better access to larger quantities of select bedding in specific styles, colours and sizes. Most department stores and retailers may be able to supply bedding sets in dozens, but not if you need several hundreds of the same style or colour.

Most people think that wholesale bedding is just for resellers, but manufacturers also make this option available to those in the hospitality, medical and tourism industries. If you belong to or run a business in any of these fields, consider buying wholesale bedding to get the best value for your money.

Residential Care Homes and Nursing Homes

Residential care homes or hospices have patients or residents that need constant bedding changes. Buying bedding wholesale is not only practical but can save them lots of money. It can also help them stay consistent with the sizing and colours. Buying the same kinds of bedding can also help them coordinate or assign colours easily to patients with special needs.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are known for the luxury, comfort and highest level of personal service they offer to guests. That means giving customers a refined onboard atmosphere that extends to the bedding they provide. Cruise ships can benefit from buying their bed linens in bulk to ensure consistent branding. They can order bedding of a particular style, size and colour for their staterooms by the hundreds and get the best quality and pricing from bedding manufacturers.


Just like cruise ships, hotels have to remain consistent with their branding. Hotels have a fast turnover rate when it comes to their guests, with some staying for just a night or two. That means they will need to change their bed linen frequently, which is why most hotel chains turn to bedding suppliers for their requirements. That way, they can stick to the style, colour and quality of bedding they need to maintain their brand.


Hotels need lots of clean bedding and frequent changes. Just like hotels, hospitals regularly experience a fast turnover. Patients are constantly being admitted and discharged. Soiled linen is also a common problem. But when you have a constant supply of clean linen, you don’t have to worry about running out of bedsheets and pillowcases. The need for clean bed linen can easily be solved when hospitals buy their bedding wholesale.

Health Clubs and Spas

It is expected that clean towels and linen are available when you enter a spa or health club to use their services. Just like hotels, these establishments need to have consistency to build their brand. That is why health clubs and spas have colour-coordinated towels, dressing gowns and bed linen. This makes it easier for people to associate a particular style and colour with their business. Clean bedding is also a must for massage services and other kinds of therapy and treatments they offer. Ordering bedding in bulk helps with consistency while keeping capital costs low.

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