V-Shaped Support Pillow vs. Regular Pillow

The V-shaped support pillow is also known as the U-pillow, the banana pillow or the boomerang pillow. It is becoming a popular choice among those who suffer from back or neck pain. It is also a favourite among pregnant women and breastfeeding mums. But what makes the V-shaped pillow so popular? Why are so many people switching to this type of pillow? How does it compare to a regular pillow? Let us find out.


Support matters, especially when lying down on your bed to relax and sleep. This is why pillows come in different shapes, sizes and firmness. Regular rectangular pillows are good at providing adequate head support for the average person so they remain comfortable through the night. V-shaped support pillows, on the other hand, are best for those looking for additional lower back support. Just prop it against the headboard while reading in bed or watching TV. Whilst regular pillows can do this, it usually takes several pillows and a lot of adjusting to get the feel right. With a V-shaped pillow, you’re all set once you prop it up.


V-shaped support pillows are also great when you need to keep the upper part of your body elevated while sleeping. Use it over your regular-shaped pillows to comfort your head and neck. You will notice the difference as your chin won’t be touching your neck, which usually happens when propping up with a regular pillow. This is because a stack of regular pillows won’t conform nicely to your head and neck if you want added elevation. It pushes your chin forward, strains the neck muscles and will not provide the right support. On the other hand, the V-shaped pillow is designed to provide support in the right places for optimum comfort. 

Rolling Over

We all move while we sleep, but some toss and turn more than others. This can get bothersome, especially if you share your bed with someone else. A V-shaped pillow will support your head and upper body nicely and prevent you from rolling or turning on your side. Because of the way it is built, the V-shaped pillow also provides better neck and spine support than regular pillows. This can help a lot with relieving pressure and reducing back pain.

Pain Relief

The V-shaped pillow can be used to relieve pain in different parts of the body. It is a good choice for those who want to relieve upper back pain while reading or lying in bed. The upper portion of the pillow provides superior neck support to keep the spine properly aligned. Many also use it while sitting on a chair to provide lower back support.

Pregnant women also rely upon the V-shaped support pillow for pain relief when lying on their sides. The pillow helps reduce pressure on the lumbar spine when placed between the legs. This keeps their spine aligned despite the extra weight they carry.

Regular pillows are a good choice for those who do not suffer from common sleep issues. If you are prone to a stiff neck, upper and lower back pain, or toss and turn in your sleep, a V-shaped support pillow will be the better option.

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