Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector vs. Mattress Topper

Many people confuse a mattress protector with a mattress topper. Some even think they are just the same. But there’s a world of difference between the two, especially regarding the purpose and function of each.

A quilted waterproof mattress protector is a removable cover that you put on your mattress to protect it from dirt, dust mites, sweat and spills. A mattress topper is a removable layer that you put on top of your existing mattress to make it more comfortable or to extend its lifespan. Both of these products work pretty well to give you better sleep, but how do you know which one you need?

Quilted Waterproof Mattress Protector


A quilted waterproof mattress protector is relatively cheaper compared to a mattress topper. It is also easier to transport, maintain and clean. You can think of it as protective clothing for your mattress that you can zip on and off. Because it is waterproof, a mattress protector is an ideal solution for children who still wet their beds or adults who suffer from urine incontinence. A quilted waterproof mattress protector can also help protect against dust mites and allergies. It can also help preserve your mattress so that it looks new for a bit longer. Aside from this, it can also help with your warranty claims since some manufacturers won’t honour warranties if mattresses are soiled, stained, contaminated or worn out.


If you want to make your mattress more comfortable, this is not the right product to choose. Although these protectors have a quilt pattern that can be thick and resilient, they are still too thin if you want some buffer against lumps or poking springs from your old mattress. They are also not as durable as mattress toppers.

Mattress Toppers


Do you want a new mattress but can’t afford to buy one at the moment? A mattress topper can be the better alternative! Mattress toppers are like a thinner mattress you put on top of your existing one. It makes a great addition if your bed is lumpy, too soft or too firm, or if your old mattress looks stained and worn out. Buying a mattress topper is cheaper compared to buying a brand-new mattress. You can get added support and comfort to improve your sleep quality for a much cheaper price.


Mattress toppers are more expensive than quilted waterproof mattress protectors. If you spill something on them, some of the liquid could still seep into your mattress topper and stain your original mattress. It is also harder to clean a mattress topper compared to a quilted waterproof mattress protector. Mattress toppers are not machine washable, so you have to contend with vacuuming, applying disinfectant or airing them out.

Choose a mattress protector if you are looking for extra comfort and support from your existing mattress or if you want to extend its service life. If you simply want added defence against dirt, dust mites, spills or anything that can spoil your mattress, a quilted mattress protector is all you need.

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