How to Know If You Need Pillow Protectors

Many people do not use pillow protectors on their pillows and this is perfectly normal. However, pillow protectors offer many benefits, so a lot of people are now wondering if they should buy some. Here is how to know if you need pillow protectors in your home.

Sweat and Drool

If you or anyone in the family sweats or drools a lot while sleeping, pillow protectors are a must to keep your pillows clean and smelling great all the time. Maybe you also like eating in bed while reading a book or watching TV. Pillow protectors take the trouble out of accidental spills and any stains that may arise. Unlike pillowcases that are part of a standard bedding set, pillow protectors are separate bedding essentials that offer an extra layer of protection. When you use a pillowcase alone, there is nothing in between your pillow and the casing to protect it from sweat, body odour or spillage. This can result in yellow-brownish stains that look unsightly.

Bed-Related Accidents

People with small children that have not been potty trained or family members that suffer from incontinence should think about purchasing waterproof pillow protectors. They can provide an extra line of defence against urine and the unsightly brownish stains they can leave on your mattress and pillows. Instead of washing or replacing pillows every time accidents happen, a pillow protector can be washed, dried and reused.


Compared to buying new pillows, pillow protectors are inexpensive. A pair of high-quality, quilted pillow protectors retail for ~£10 in most department stores. Replacing pillows, on the other hand, is more costly.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are a big problem for sensitive individuals suffering from allergies or respiratory diseases. Dust mites love to eat dead human skin cells that we shed daily. That is why they like to congregate on your bed sheets, pillows, mattresses and towels. Dust mite poop causes allergic reactions such as sneezing, wheezing and a runny nose. If you have a pillow protector, you can protect the pillow so that dead skin cells and dust mites do not accumulate. A pillow protector will help you manage your allergy symptoms better.

Easy Care

Washing soiled and stained pillows can be daunting and troublesome. Depending on the pillow filling, some may not be machine-washable such as memory foam or latex. Caring for pillows and extending their service life can be more complicated without pillow protectors. You can easily wash the pillow protectors when they are soiled and prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria on your non-machine-washable pillows.


Pillow protectors are a practical solution for busy homemakers. If you don’t have time to air or launder your pillows, pillow protectors can keep them fresh longer. They are also easier to clean and maintain compared to your pillows. Pillow protectors don’t need a separate wash cycle as pillows do. Just toss them into your regular laundry load or along with other bed linen. Pillow protectors are a practical and inexpensive way to promote quality sleep and contribute to a healthy sleeping environment.

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