How Pillow Protectors Can Protect You

Many people are asking why they need a pillow protector. They are also wondering why a pillowcase isn’t enough. In most instances, pillowcases are enough to protect your pillow from dust, sweat and stains. However, there are also times when you need more than just a pillowcase. That is where the pillow protector comes in. A pillow protector is an added layer between your pillow and pillowcase. Its primary function is to keep your pillow free from dust, moisture and stains.

People who wake up with a runny nose and watery eyes know that dust on their bedding is not the main culprit. The problem lies in dust mites and their droppings. Dust mites like to feed on dead human skin cells that we shed while we sleep. These dead skin cells accumulate in our beds, linens, towels, clothing, carpets and just about any place where there is human activity. Pillows and pillowcases provide an attractive environment for dust mites. For this reason, a pillow protector makes a great addition to your bedding ensemble to protect against dust mite infestations. Allergy sufferers report a significant reduction in their allergy symptoms when using pillow protectors.

Quilted pillow protectors from leading brands in the bedding industry are generally hypoallergenic. That means they have been treated specifically to repel dust mites. But your protection does not only stop with dust mites. Hypoallergenic pillow protectors can also guard you against viruses, bacteria and microbes that cause respiratory diseases. Those with asthma or COPD, for instance, can benefit from pillow protectors as these can protect them from common allergy triggers.

Using pillow protectors also means you will not have to change or wash your pillows that often. They can also protect your pillows against spills and stains. Some people get overly sweaty while others tend to drool in their sleep. Sweat and saliva can cause yellowish stains on your pillow that can be very unsightly. Sweat and saliva also leave an unpleasant odour on your pillows, which you can prevent with the use of pillow protectors.

Pillow protectors are also ideal if you have the habit of eating or drinking in bed while reading a book or watching your favourite TV programme. They can protect your pillows from accidental spills that will otherwise require thorough washing. It might not seem much, but an added layer of protection can lessen your workload around the home.

Sleep experts recommend washing your pillows every six months and replacing them every two to three years. While these are not hard and fast rules, buying pillows too often can cause a dent in your budget. Pillow protectors are a more affordable option that can help extend the lifespan and preserve the integrity of your pillows. You also won’t need to wash your pillows often when using pillow protectors. Besides, pillow protectors are easier to wash than the pillows themselves since you can just include them in your regular laundry load.

Don’t hesitate to invest in high-quality pillow protectors from leading brands in the industry. They offer the best protection for your pillows and give you a better sleep experience.

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