What to Do with Old Duvets?

Nothing lasts forever, not even your duvets. Even if you are using the highest quality duvet, there will always come a time when the lifespan of your duvet comes to an end. When your old duvet needs to retire, what should you do? You don’t want to throw it away. Rather than tossing them in the trash, why not upcycle them? There are countless ways of reusing your duvets. Some of these ideas do not require you to have great sewing abilities and they can even be done in just a matter of minutes. So, before throwing away your old duvets, take a look at some of these ideas to give them a brand-new life.

Donate Your Old Duvets

If you think your old duvet can still be used and it doesn’t look too old, then you could give it to your friend or relative. You might even sell or offer it for free on sites.

Bring it to a charity shop. Keep in mind, though, that some charity shops may not accept used duvets. This is because duvets take up a lot of space for displaying or storing. So, before going to the charity shop, you must call and ask them if they are willing to accept old duvets.

Donate it to a local animal shelter or animal rescue charity. They will be very grateful for your donation. Animal shelters could use them as bedding for the animals. Before donating them, make sure you tell them about the size of the duvet. Be sure to check if the charity will accept your duvets; otherwise, they will just dispose of them, eventually ending up in the landfill.

Use them as horse blankets. If you have a horse or if you know someone who has one, then you can turn your old duvets into horse blankets. You could also donate them to a horse rescue nearby.

Give your old duvets to any local homeless shelter. You never know, they might need them desperately. As always, call them first to check if they need old duvets.

Donate your old duvets to your local church. Most churches have a constant need for essentials such as duvets.

It’s fun to give away some stuff. It is a way of giving back to the community. Most of all, it’s a great way of decluttering your house.

Can Your Old Duvets be Reused?

There are a lot of ways you can recycle or upcycle your old duvets and turn them into new amazing things. So, don’t throw them away! All you need is some basic sewing skills and your old duvets.

Old duvets can be reused as bedding for your pets, if your pet does not mind sleeping on a duvet that is a bit shaggy. Your pets will love having your scent on their bedding when they go to sleep or when you are away from the house. You could also add some pillows to it to make your dog or cat feel more comfortable. However, if you don’t have a fluffy friend at home, then you can donate it to your friends or neighbours who are animal lovers.

You can use the filling of your duvets to stuff cushions, draught excluders, stuff toys or floor cushions. If you use it in a toy for a young child, then make sure that the filling is washable and cleaned first. Get your old stuffed toys and give them a makeover. Re-stuff them using the fillings from your old duvets.

Draught excluders prevent cold air from entering a room. It is very easy to create a draught excluder. Just get a sleeve or a trouser leg from your used clothes. This shape is perfect for the bottom of your door. Simply sew one end and stuff it with the duvet filling. Once it is all tight, you can close it by sewing up the other end. You can be more creative by adding buttons or ribbons. You can even make draught excluders for every door in your home.

Create cushions out of your duvets and place them on your patio furniture. Be sure to keep them out of the rain. But even if they get damaged, at least you haven’t spent any additional money on these cushions.

If you need extreme warmth during cold weather, then you can create winter curtains out of your old duvets. These are perfect for camper vans, motor homes and other types of RV. This is another great idea that does not require a high level of skill. You can instantly turn your duvets into floor-length curtains.

Create Simple but Functional Projects

Even if you can or can’t baste a seam, you can still make use of your old duvets.

Create a sleeping bag or a couch warmer by sewing your old duvet at the foot and on the sides.

Old duvets can also be used as a blanket for your car. You’ll never know when you will need them the most. This is perfect if you are living in a colder climate and you are caught in a snowdrift.

If you have a member of the family who likes to play in a band then you can transform your old duvets into a sound insulator for the room.

It can also be used as insulation in your attic. All you have to do is roll them up and place them between the rafters.

So, if your old duvets have already worn out or you want to replace them with a newer duvet, then you can try some of these ideas for your old duvet so it won’t just go to waste!

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