Microfibre Cloths for Car Cleaning

Your car is very precious to you. When it comes to value, it is second only to your home. It plays a significant role in your life. That is why it makes sense that you have to take care of it by keeping it clean all the time. However, this can be very expensive and time-consuming, not to mention that the lines at car washes are very long, especially during peak times. This means that you may have to wait for an hour or two if you want your car to get cleaned. Although there are touchless car washes that are available, they can’t give you quality results; hence, you are just wasting your money.

The best solution would be to wash your car yourself. It wouldn’t take much more of your time than going to the automatic car wash. Using high-quality materials might even save you some money in the long run.

Microfibre cloths are considered a great investment since they are effective in cleaning around the house. Needless to say, they are also excellent for cleaning the interior and exterior of your car. You can use them for wiping the dirt, dust and other particles on the surfaces of your car. Although you can easily use any type of cloth or rag, nothing can beat a microfibre cloth when it comes to capturing the tiniest particles from your car.

One of the most important supplies for auto detailing is microfibre cloths. However, not all microfibre cloths are the same. It is important to know which type of cloth is ideal for a particular purpose. To obtain superior results, you must use the right cloth.

What are Microfibre Cloths?

Microfibre cloths are composed of very tiny fibres mixed with polyester and polyamide. They are very unique, due to their structure and interlocking material. The interlocking structure is very helpful in picking up dirt. When used for cleaning, microfibre cloths split up the surface tension of liquid and they have wedges that trap dirt and dust. This grime and germs will only be released when you wash the microfibre cloth in water. This is the reason why you don’t need any chemicals when using microfibre cloths for cleaning.

Why are They Effective for Car Cleaning?

The tiny strands in microfibre cloths are tightly woven, making them ultra-absorbent. These strands can be composed of nylon, polyester and Kevlar. There are very strong and durable too. That is why they are a fabulous choice for cleaning vehicles. They can quickly capture dirt, dust and other debris into their fibres, unlike other fabrics which can spread dirt and dust around the surface.

Use Microfibre Cloths for Your Car Interior

Microfibre cloths can be classified as mitt or sponge products. They are woven in such a way that they are very effective in picking up dirt and dust. Microfibre cloths are best for cleaning the dashboard as well as the centre console of your vehicle. Due to their design, there’s no way dirt can escape. They are lint-free and will not scratch the surface of your car. Essentially, you need to rinse it well after use.

Microfibre is perfect for cleaning the interior of your vehicle because it can absorb and hold water. It is also very comfortable to use.

Generally, microfibre cloths come in 16″ by 16″ sizes. They come with a standard split weave and an ideal thickness that is just perfect for wiping glass, leather, plastic and even paint. They are considered general-purpose cleaning tools, since they can clean almost any type of surface, including the steering wheel, seats and dashboard of your car.

They are the perfect cleaning tool for wiping, cleaning, buffing and drying. You can even use them for cleaning the interior carpets of your car. Microfibre cloths are very soft, do not leave any scratches and effectively eliminate dirt, dust and debris.

A microfibre cloth features a waffle weave, making it excellent for polishing and buffing the exterior of your car. Yet, it is also an excellent cleaning tool for your windows and glass. Microfibre cloths can dry up instantly, so streaks can be prevented when you are cleaning your windows. Despite having a rough design, they are extremely efficient in absorbing liquids.

Factors to Consider When Using Microfibre Cloths

Typically, microfibre cloths can last longer if you know how to take good care of them. When washing your microfibre cloths, there are certain rules that you must follow. Keep in mind that improper cleaning might be the reason why they do not perform well.

It is not advisable to place them in hot water because they will shrink. To prevent any damage to your cloth, you have to use cold or warm water in cleaning them. You can clean them with water only, although you can also use a mild detergent.

Avoid using fabric softener or bleach on your microfibre cloths. The reason microfibre cloths are so effective in capturing dirt is their positive and negative charges. The microfibre generates positive charges while dirt contains negative charges. Since opposites attract, microfibre cloths can easily capture dirt. Fabric softener and bleach can minimise the positive charges from the cloth. As a result, they become ineffective in picking up dirt and water.

Microfibre and heat are similar to oil and water; they should never be mixed. Drying your microfibre cloth on a high heat can damage the polyester in the structure and cause the cloth to leave scratches on surfaces. The best way to dry microfibre cloth is air drying. Although using a dryer is also fine, just make sure that you are using a low heat.

Microfibre Cloths can Reduce Water Usage

Unfortunately, those people who are living in drought-stricken areas may not get the chance to wash their cars more often. Most of these places are taking drastic measures to conserve water to the point that they have banned car washing in residential areas.

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