Microfibre Cleaning Cloths vs Regular Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning can take up a lot of time, especially if you’re dealing with a large area. The same goes if you are not using the proper tools. A rag or washcloth is one of the most often used cleaning implements when cleaning around the house. It can be used to mop up dirt, wipe the counter, dry the dishes or polish the silver. Over the years, the lowly rag has become more high-tech. We now have what are called microfibre cleaning cloths. How different are they from your regular cleaning rags?

Efficient Cleaning

When you clean dirt and grime off a table, you need a few swipes to ensure that the area is clean. Wiping with a regular cleaning cloth uses lots of elbow grease because the fibres of ordinary cleaning cloths are not dense enough to pick up the maximum amount of dirt in a single swipe. It will require more effort and make you feel tired more quickly.

On the other hand, microfibre cleaning cloths are more efficient at lifting dirt from surfaces. They come with millions of tiny fibres that work like a magnet, and you will not need as many swipes to ensure that the table or area is clean. Just think of the fibres as vacuum cleaners that will quickly hoover up dirt and dust.

Microfibre can also hold up to seven times its weight in water. Its superior absorbency makes it the ideal option for wiping off spills from a surface.

More Environmentally Friendly

When cleaning with an ordinary rag, you will usually need detergent, hot water, Lysol and other cleaning agents to make the job easier for you. We all know that chemicals get flushed into our rivers and seas and harm the environment.

If you want to help save marine life and the environment while keeping your house clean, use microfibre cleaning cloths. They only require plain water for efficient cleaning–no need to use toxic and allergy-causing cleaners and chemicals that can harm the planet.

Easy To Clean

Microfibre cleaning cloths are also easier to maintain and last longer than ordinary cleaning cloths. All you need to do is soak it in water overnight and wring it dry in the morning. There is no need to use detergent or scrub intensely to get the dirt off.


Traditional cleaning cloths are made with cotton, linen or polyester. They may be cheaper than microfibre cleaning cloths but require detergent and other chemical cleaners for efficient cleaning. Detergents and cleaners can fetch a hefty price, especially if you use them day in and day out. In the end, conventional cleaning cloths may not be an economical choice after all.

Microfibre cleaning cloths may cost a bit more than ordinary cleaning cloths but turn out to be a cost-effective option for cleaning. Since they only require water to tackle even the dirtiest messes, you’ll save a lot on detergent and chemical cleaners.

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