How to Choose Tea Towels

Tea towels or tea cloths work pretty much like regular dish towels. So, it isn’t surprising that the average person does not know what to look for when buying tea towels. But if you’re in charge of drying the dishes and keeping your kitchen clean, you’ll want something that does the job quickly. You’ll also want tea towels that are durable enough to withstand repeated cycles in the washing machine. It’s a good thing that there are many varieties of tea towels to choose from. Here are some tips on how to find the best type for you.


Linen is made from natural fibres and is very absorbent. Traditional tea towels are made from linen, making them ideal for drying pots, pans, dishes and fine china. Linen tea towels don’t leave any lint and reduce the risk of scratches and damage. They dry quickly and do not fluff after washing. Their absorbency also improves with repeated use. The only downside to using linen is the cost. Most high-end linen tea towels can be very expensive compared to other tea towel fabrics.


Recently, cotton has become the preferred material for tea towels. They are more affordable and just as absorbent and durable as linen. Cotton tea towels have larger fabric loops that can absorb large quantities of moisture. They are also easier to care for and maintain. Cotton tea towels are machine washable. You may also hand wash them with a mild detergent and hang them outside to dry. Cotton is also more versatile than linen so you can use your tea towels for wiping and mopping up spills.


If you want something more affordable, polyester tea towels are your best option. Because polyester is synthetic, it is a lot cheaper than natural fabrics like cotton and linen. However, it is not as absorbent so drying your dishes will take longer. Polyester tea towels are ideal for drying small spills or wiping off water spots on dishes and utensils that have been air-dried.

Poly-Cotton Blend

Poly-cotton blend tea towels are also affordable and a bit more absorbent than pure polyester. Cotton fibres infused with polyester material improve their ability to wick moisture; however, poly-cotton blend still can’t compare to the amazing absorbency of pure linen and cotton.

Linen-Cotton Blend

Linen-cotton blend tea towels are also great choices if you want the best value for your money. They are highly absorbent, lightweight and more resilient compared to pure blends. They are the perfect option if you want tough and absorbent tea towels at a decent price.

Before purchasing tea towels, analyse your needs first. If you often spill things, have a lot of dishes to dry or have a large countertop, you might want something hardwearing such as cotton or linen. However, if you use tea towels mainly for lining trays and bread baskets or other decorative purposes, blended tea towels or polyester tea towels are good choices. They are available in delightful patterns and designs that add a homely feel to your kitchen.

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