Best Reasons to Buy a Pillow Protector

Next to a sturdy mattress, a nice set of pillows is essential to getting a good night’s rest. Pillows are vital for providing added comfort and help alleviate headaches, neck pain and shoulder stiffness arising from awkward sleep positions. But pillows have a short lifespan. According to the Sleep Association, you should replace them every two years to inhibit the growth of mould, bacteria and other allergens such as dust mites. Luckily, you can extend the service life of your pillows and avoid the need to replace them often. Here are a few good reasons to buy a pillow protector.

Pillow Protectors are Cheaper

Pillow protectors help repel sweat and guard against spills, stains, dirt and dust mites. They make a good investment because they cost a lot less than brand-new pillows. You can find a good set of pillow protectors at an affordable price. Choose a good quality pillow protector from trusted brands to delay purchasing a new set of pillows and save money.

Pillow Protectors are Easier to Clean

Compared to pillows, pillow protectors are easier to clean. You need to run a separate wash cycle when laundering just one or two pillows. Pillows with natural filling such as down, feather or wool also take longer to dry. But pillow protectors are just like pillowcases which you can throw into your regular laundry load. You can also clean them more often, which means better protection for you against harmful germs and bacteria.

You Can Find Hypoallergenic Pillow Protectors

A hypoallergenic pillow protector makes a good investment for people prone to allergies. Pillows are an attractive environment for dust mites to thrive, and this can cause issues in sensitive individuals. As we all know, dust mites feast on dead human skin cells that we shed during sleep. Hypoallergenic pillow protectors made from tightly woven fabric are great at repelling dust mites. Allergy sufferers attest to a reduction or complete elimination of symptoms when using hypoallergenic pillow protectors.

Pillow Protectors Guard Against Spills and Stains

Sweat and saliva can cause stains on your pillows. You may also spill food and liquids that leave unsightly marks if you love eating in bed while reading a book or watching TV. Moisture in your bedding also encourages the growth of mould and mildew. Pillow protectors guard against all these to keep your pillows clean, hygienic and stain-free. Look for quilted pillow protectors with an added waterproof layer to get the best protection for your pillows.

Pillow Protectors Extend the Life of Your Pillows

Most people underestimate the impact of pillow wear and tear on the quality of sleep they get. You might not notice how pillows deteriorate from day to day, but they lose their integrity over time. We spend around one-third of our life sleeping, which means we are in close contact with our bedding for a significant amount of time. Our pillows will eventually fade, get soiled, tear and lose their bounce. A pillow protector can guard against all of these elements to extend their life. Pillow protectors contribute to a healthy sleeping environment, and it is a good idea to invest in them.

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