Best Memory Foam Pillow for Side Sleepers

Did you know that your sleeping position has a big impact on your health?

Poor sleeping posture can lead to health problems such as neck pain, back pain, sleep apnoea, muscle cramps, poor blood circulation and headaches. To top it off, poor sleep makes you feel cranky and unrested the next day.

Thankfully, there are many sleeping aids that can help correct posture while sleeping. There are mattresses and specially designed pillows to help correct posture while you sleep so that you don’t need to suffer the next day.

The side sleeping position is one of the most popular sleeping positions. Sleeping on the left side is recommended for those who have problems with acid reflux or GERD. Side sleepers are also less likely to snore because their airways are open while sleeping, and for this reason, the side sleeping position is favoured by people who suffer from sleep apnoea. According to research, more than 15% of adults sleep on their side.

Side sleepers need extra support for the head, neck and spine. An ideal pillow for side sleepers should be larger in size, ergonomically contoured and firm. However, most of the pillows that are marketed as ideal for side sleepers do not take into consideration the fact that side sleepers need pressure relief for their neck and shoulders. Memory foam can help accommodate for this.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam pillow is a type of pillow made from polyurethane and other chemicals that increase its viscosity and density.

Memory foam pillows are ideal for side sleepers because it conforms to the shape of the head, neck and shoulders to provide custom comfort for each user. Best of all, memory foam is neither too firm nor too soft, so it gives just the right amount of support.

Here are some benefits of using memory foam pillows for side sleepers.

Memory Foam Pillow Benefits

Pain Relief

One of the best benefits of memory foam for side sleepers is pain relief. Side sleepers usually experience pain in their neck and shoulders after sleeping on their sides for too long. Pillows that are too soft cannot provide support as they collapse on the weight of the user. Firmer pillows, on the other hand, cause the neck to become too elevated, resulting in neck pain.

Memory foam can help provide relief because they offer customised support. They are made specifically to provide support for the neck and shoulders. In fact, memory foam is specifically used to alleviate pain for those recovering from injuries.

Spinal Alignment

Side sleepers usually have poor posture while sleeping. People who sleep on their side tend to curl, causing their spine to misalign. Over time, this can end up injuring your back and causing discomfort.

A memory foam pillow moulds itself to the shape of your head. It allows you to sleep in a more natural position so that your spine is perfectly aligned, even if you sleep on your side, reducing the risk of injury and discomfort.


There are people who are allergic to wool, down and other materials used as a pillow filling. Memory foam is an ideal alternative for side sleepers who have respiratory allergies. Memory foam pillows tend to retain less dust, thanks to their polyurethane composition.


Another benefit of memory foam pillows is that they are more hygienic compared to other pillow types. Down pillows, for example, retain sweat and dirt that seep deeper into the filling the longer you use it. They are also harder to clean and take longer to dry.

Memory foam pillows are easier to clean and maintain. They do not attract dust, and sweat does not penetrate the material even if you use it for a long time.


Traditional pillows tend to have a small range of firmness ratings. Memory foam has a wider range of firmness ratings compared to traditional pillows. This is because manufacturers can change the firmness level of a pillow by adjusting the density of the memory foam.


For side sleepers who need support, the firmness of the pillow is crucial. Thanks to the wide variety of firmness ratings for memory foam pillows, side sleepers have a lot of choices. They can choose the support they want without sacrificing comfort.

With proper care, your memory foam pillow can last for years. Regular washing can also make you feel more comfortable when using your pillow.

Knowing what kind of pillows side sleepers need can add a great deal of comfort and improve sleep quality. The right memory foam pillow will conform to your head and neck and provide support for better rest and sleep.

Now that side sleepers know what they need to sleep comfortably, they will be in a better position to know which memory foam pillow to buy.

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