Benefits of Duck Feather Cushion Pads

Cushion pads are handy inventions. They are usually square pillows placed on the seat of a chair for added comfort and softness. Many people like to use cushion pads to make overly firm chairs more comfortable. It is also cheaper to buy cushion pads than to have your chairs reupholstered. When used with delightful cushion pad covers, they can also add a decorative touch to your living room furniture.

If you’re looking for ways to make your old chair comfortable or liven up your living space, try duck feather cushion pads. Here are reasons why you should choose this particular type of cushion pad.

Added Softness

Duck feathers have been used as pillow and duvet fillings for many years. They are comfortable and durable. Many homeowners like duck feather cushion pads compared to polyester or cotton-filled variants because they are softer and more comfortable to use. Unlike cotton and polyester-filled pillows, duck feathers do not clump together or harden so they remain soft longer. Just remember to plump them up so that the feathers retain their softness and loft.


Duck feather cushion pads last up to a few decades if you take care of them properly. That is because duck feathers are naturally hardy and durable. When shopping for duck feather cushion pads, double-check that they are made from 100% duck feathers. They will serve you well over the years with proper care.

More Support

Duck feather cushion pads are great at providing added support to the rear and lumbar area when sitting down. They perform better compared to other types of filling because the feathers can be fluffed back to regain their original size and shape. This is very important for those who spend lots of time on their chairs while working.


Because they are made from natural materials, duck feather cushion pads are very breathable. The breathability of a cushion pad is a crucial factor to consider because it can get hot and uncomfortable when using them for long periods. A breathable cushion pad allows more air to flow through the filling to keep the temperature down. With duck feathers as your filling of choice, you can rest assured of more comfort when using your cushion pad.


Duck feather cushion pads are more expensive compared to their polyester-filled counterparts, but you will get more value for your money in the end. You will be saving more since you won’t need to replace them that often. True, polyester-filled cushion pads are a lot cheaper, but they generally have a short lifespan of about two years before they get worn out. Duck feather cushion pads, on the other hand, last way longer than that.


Contrary to popular belief, duck feather cushion pads are allergy-resistant. Allergic reactions are usually caused by dust mite droppings and not the feathers themselves. Wash your duck feather cushion pads regularly to keep them clean and sanitary. That way, dust mites won’t have the kind of environment they love to thrive in.

Enjoy comfort, support and durability with duck feather cushion pads from leading brands in the bedding industry. They are available in different sizes and generously filled with 100% pure duck feathers for that cosy and bouncy feel.

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