Advantages of Using Box Pillows

One of the main characteristics of a box pillow is its cotton cambric cover. Cambric is a lightweight, tightly woven type of cotton and is a good material to use to prevent the accumulation of dust, mould and mildew on your pillows. Box pillows are similar to bounce pillows but are pure polyester fill.

A lot of people think it is fine to use just any type of pillow for sleeping. However, different types of pillows serve different purposes, so read on to find out why you should be using box pillows.

Better Support

Box pillows are firmer than most traditional pillows which are softer and fluffier. While soft pillows are great for cuddling, they can cause stiff neck and shoulder pains upon waking because they cannot provide proper support during sleep. In most cases, one will have to fold or double up on pillows to get comfortable.

Box pillows are a great option for people who are looking for pillows that can support their head and neck better while sleeping. In fact, box pillows are particularly recommended for side sleepers—which most of us are—because they provide great head support and better alignment for the neck.


Cambric was originally developed from linen but is now more commonly made with cotton. While the inside of the box pillow is polyester, it is covered in cambric fabric, making it a cooler alternative to pillows with polyester covering. Cambric is also natural which makes it ideal for people who suffer from allergies to synthetic fibres.

Maintains Shape

Over time, natural-fill pillows like cotton and wool lose their shape and firmness due to the weight and pressure placed on them. Once this happens, it can be difficult to re-fluff these pillows back to their original state. Compared to other types of fillings, cotton pillows also feel harder when they clump up, making them more uncomfortable to use. Box pillows, on the other hand, retain their shape better and hardly need to be fluffed.

Easy to Maintain

Some pillows like natural down or wool are hard to maintain. You can’t just throw these types of pillows into the washing machine and expect them to come out as they were. They also have more complicated washing and care instructions, not to mention that they take a lot longer to dry. This is not the case with box pillows. You can wash them at cold temperatures and dry them easily in your washing machine. Box pillows can also be dried outdoors in hot weather and will dry more quickly than cotton or natural-fill pillows.

More Affordable

While they can be a bit more expensive than polyester pillows, box pillows are still more budget-friendly compared to natural-fill pillows. The cambric fabric casing can also be beneficial to allergy sufferers because of the tight weave.

Box pillows are a good investment if you’re looking for quality pillows that provide the best head and neck support for a good night’s sleep. They’re decently priced, easy to maintain and last a lot longer than other types of pillows.

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