Advantages of Using Pillow Protectors

Pillow protectors provide an extra layer of defence against stains, sweat, saliva, liquids and dirt. They look like your conventional pillowcases but have zippers on one end. Many people do away with the pillow protectors and only use pillowcases and this is perfectly alright. However, using pillow protectors can also be very advantageous.

Easy To Clean

Pillow protectors look just like pillowcases, so they are easy to clean. Simply remove them when they are dirty and toss them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes or bed linen. Unlike pillows that contain fillings, pillow protectors are made of resistant fabric which is why washing them is a lighter job than laundering your pillows. Also, some pillows are not machine washable. Latex and memory foam pillows, for example, cannot go into your washing machine. You either have to hand wash them carefully or do spot cleaning with a sponge or washcloth.

More Affordable

A typical pillow costs up to 10 times more than pillow protectors. For this reason alone, using pillow protectors is a more sensible option. They are an affordable way to keep bodily fluids, dust, germs, microbes and stains away from your pillow. Soiled pillows are very unattractive, especially the yellow-brownish marks that sweat and saliva can leave. In some cases, body odour can transfer to your pillows and leave them with an offensive smell. Over time, a dirty or foul-smelling pillow can get in the way of quality sleep. You might need to replace them by then, which can be an added expense. You could have saved money had you opted to use pillow protectors.

Dust Mites

Dust mites thrive in any place where there is human activity. They feed on dead skin cells that we shed daily and even while we sleep. That is why some of their favourite hangouts are your bed, pillows and towels. Dust mite droppings are the main culprits that trigger allergy symptoms, and you can easily control dust mite infestations by using a pillow protector.

Dust mites can also be killed by laundering your bedding in hot water. If you don’t use a pillow protector, that means washing the pillows themselves. A pillow protector is easier to launder and is a great way to manage your allergy problem without the heavy work.


If you have young children that are still potty training or adults that suffer from incontinence, pillow protectors can be your best allies. They will keep your pillows pristine, clean and odour-free despite all the accidents. We all know that urine smells pungent and damages the integrity of your pillow. Stains are also hard to remove, and buying new pillows or laundering them every time an accident occurs can be inconvenient and expensive. Save yourself time and money by investing in a waterproof pillow protector.

Even if you do not have issues with bedwetting, a waterproof protector is advantageous if you like to eat or drink in bed. Pillow protectors are widely available and sold in many high street or online stores. They are a cost-effective way of extending the life of your favourite pillows.

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