The Advantages of Microfibre Pillows

Microfibre has been around for a long time. It is only just recently that microfibre pillows have gained popularity because they are very affordable and easy to maintain. Microfibre pillow filling is made from polyester. Each strand of microfibre is thinner than human hair and finer than a thread of silk. It is soft and very comfortable despite being entirely synthetic. Microfibre is also very affordable which is why they are the preferred choice of pillow fillings among households and even the hospitality industry.

Less Susceptible to Temperature Change

Many people are switching to microfibre pillows because they adapt better to fluctuating temperatures compared to other types of pillow fillings. Microfibre can stay cool in hot conditions and act as an insulator in cold temperatures. This versatility has found great value among hotel chains that have branches in different parts of the world. They can buy microfibre pillows in bulk and distribute them to different hotel locations without having to worry about the weather conditions in a particular area.

Easy to Clean

Compared to other types of pillow fillings, microfibre pillows are easier to clean and maintain. To begin with, the microfibres used in pillows are tightly woven together making them naturally antimicrobial. The synthetic nature of the pillow also repels moisture easily. This makes them less susceptible to the growth of mould and mildew. Keeping them sanitary and hygienic is also a breeze as they can simply be loaded into washing machines. Dirt and debris easily come off the synthetic fibres without compromising the structure of the pillow. A dryer sheet added during a standard wash cycle will also help remove lint and wrinkles. This makes the whole laundering and maintenance process a lot easier for household members and hotel staff.


Microfibre pillows can also ease your workload in other ways. Aside from being easy to maintain and launder, microfibre pillows are also very lightweight. You exert less effort when changing sheets and pillowcases and you can carry as many pillows as you are able to when you need to transport them. They are also static-free, do not fade and will hold their shape for a long time.


Microfibre is very affordable compared to other pillow fillings such as wool, down or cotton. With the National Sleep Association recommending a change of pillows every three years, microfibre is a good alternative not only for hotels and the rest of the hospitality industry but also for the ordinary household. Since they are among the cheapest on the market, consider buying microfibre pillows in pairs or in bulk to save more money. Most retailers offer a generous discount when you buy more of them, so this can translate to huge savings if you are running a hotel chain or a bed and breakfast.

Microfibre pillows offer great comfort at the best value. They are known to be resilient in providing consistent support when you sleep. Microfibre also remains smooth and lofty despite repeated washing.

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