Hollowfibre Pillow Care Tips

Hollowfibre pillows are a clear favourite in the UK, thanks to their lightweight and springy structure. They are also quite affordable, easy to maintain and don’t require as much fluffing compared to other types of pillow fillings. Hollowfibre gets its name from the hollow spaces between fibres that trap air in the centre, making them soft, light and squashy.

The National Sleep Organization recommends changing your pillows every three years to prevent the buildup of bacteria, dust and allergens. Pillows should also be washed every six months to keep them clean and hygienic. If you are using Hollowfibre pillows, you will surely want to know how to give them the proper care. Different pillow fillings require different maintenance procedures, so here are specific tips to follow when caring for Hollowfibre pillows.

Wash Cycle

Hollowfibre pillows are machine washable. A regular wash cycle is usually enough to kill bacteria, viruses, germs and dust mites. To make certain that they do not survive, it is best to launder the pillows in hot water. Use mild detergent so you don’t compromise the integrity of the fibre filling inside.

If you want to hand-wash your pillows, get a basin and fill it with hot water. Add a mild detergent and submerge the pillow in the hot sudsy water. Let it soak for around 15 minutes to loosen all the dirt and grime. Clean heavily soiled sections using a brush with soft bristles. Then, rinse the pillow thoroughly until the water runs clear before hanging it out to dry.

Dry Cycle

Hollowfibre pillows usually take around two hours to dry completely. After spin-drying a pillow in your washing machine, transfer it to your dryer and use medium heat. Once the pillow is completely dry, fluff it up until it returns to its original shape. You’ll know your pillows aren’t dry enough if you can still feel a lot of clumps. If this is the case, dry them again for another 15 minutes or hang them outdoors under the sun.

Quilted Pillow Protector

You can also opt to buy a quilted pillow protector to keep your Hollowfibre pillows clean and stain-free. A pillow protector is similar to a pillowcase but comes with a zipper. It acts as a barrier against saliva, sweat and moisture and provides added protection against wear and tear. A pillow protector is also easier to wash compared to the pillow itself. Most pillow protectors are also hypoallergenic so they’re a good investment especially if you suffer from allergies.


The sun is a natural germ and bacteria killer. Sunning your Hollowfibre pillows regularly is a good way to keep these harmful microbes at bay. If you don’t have time to wash your pillows, a good alternative is to leave them outdoors on a hot day and let the sun do its magic. Sunning also has a deodorizing effect so it can help to remove unpleasant odours. Your pillows will smell great after a few hours under the sun. Don’t forget to turn them onto the other side for even sunning.

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