Benefits of Using Hollowfibre Pillows

Hollowfibre pillows are pillows that come with a synthetic filling material. They are similar to polyester pillows but are made with thousands of hollow microfibres that can retain air and warmth better than other pillow fillings. For this reason, Hollowfibre filling makes a comfortable, plump and reasonably firm pillow.

In addition to providing lofty comfort, Hollowfibre pillows are also dust mite-resistant and can easily be washed and dried in a washing machine. They are also just as affordable as most synthetic fill pillows, which is why they are among the most popular pillows in the UK today.


Hollowfibre pillows are among the lowest-priced pillows on the market. Hollowfibre pillows are the best option for budget-conscious shoppers. They are also very popular in the hospitality industry which usually purchases pillows in bulk.


Hollowfibre pillows are quite versatile and adapt well to the various needs of different types of sleepers. People who sleep on their back, side or stomach love these pillows because they can give just the right amount of support needed without compromising comfort. They are soft enough for stomach sleepers but firm enough so that side and back sleepers still get enough support for their necks and backs.

Hollowfibre pillows are also known to provide great support to the spine and legs. You can use one for your back to help align the spine to ease lower back pain and another behind your knees if you’re prone to leg pain upon waking. Hollowfibre pillows also make a nice support pillow for nursing moms. Simply place one on your lap as you cradle your baby during feeding time.

Easy Maintenance

Like polyester pillows, Hollowfibre pillows are easy to maintain and care for. In most cases, they just need to be thrown into the washing machine and dried thoroughly. Unlike down, feather and other natural-fill pillows, Hollowfibre pillows don’t need frequent fluffing because they easily bounce back to their original shape.

Easy To Carry

Hotel housekeeping staff especially love Hollowfibre pillows because they’re amazingly lightweight so it’s easier for them to carry 5-6 pillows all at once. Since these pillows are easier to transport, a lot of time is saved when performing housekeeping tasks.

Easy To Change

The National Sleep Organization recommends that we change pillows every three years. This is to ensure that mould, bacteria, mildew, allergens and viruses do not thrive in pillows and cause allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. Hollowfibre pillows are very affordable so it will be easier on your wallet when the time comes for a change in pillows.

Special Note

Make sure that the Hollowfibre pillows you purchase are fire retardant. This means that both the filling and the outer cover have been treated so that the pillow does not catch and spread fire quickly. This can be a critical feature at home or in a hotel where lives are at stake, so make sure you buy Hollowfibre pillows that meet UK fire safety standards.

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